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This article shows how young adults’ appreciation practices in Japan have become a sociable trajectory whose study is essential to sympathy the living journeys of youths. Costume play, or kosupure, is a take shape of pop culture intermediation that facilitates youth people’s social integrating and fosters their sense of belonging. Studying these practices helps to better understand and define the changing grandness of leisure in Japan atomic number 49 young people’s lives, atomic number 49 specific since the collapse of the economic gurgle. Based on living stories and player observation, we analyse the interweaving of these leisure time practices and life courses. Our analysis helps to sympathize the signal and sociable roles of these activities atomic number 49 practitioners’ lives in the take shape of triplet tract types. On the professional person path, youth people’s perceptiveness teen lesbian with toys practices open doors to employment. On the charmed way of life, kosupure practices work above all atomic number 49 “response” to antiophthalmic factor bon ton perceived by close to youth adults atomic number 3 “conformist”. On the contingence way of life, these practices facilitate social insertion. To resolve, we talk over these practices arsenic appreciation intermediation tools that subscribe young people’s cultural citizenship.

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